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About us

Historical Background

    CTBC’s Graduate School of Financial Management is grounded on the principles of “promoting the public welfare, while helping disadvantaged students and supporting the highest achieving students.” We pride our school as being one of the most practical business colleges in Asia. Also, we aim at cultivating managers and talented professionals with an expertise in international business and finance. Based on the innovation and transformation policies of Taiwan’s Ministry of Education and the full support of CTBC Bank, the three departments of our school’s program include: Financial Management, Financial Law, and Business Administration, all established in 2015. Our program offers mentors who are experts in their field, public-private sector alliances, internships abroad, and guaranteed employment upon graduation. In addition, we have received positive feedback from elite senior high school graduates, their parents, and the public.  

    The business environment of financial services is changing rapidly. The content of the services and their operation modes are becoming more and more complex. Consequently, our ability to cultivate financial talents coupled with a global vision makes a critical impact on the competitive power of Taiwan’s financial industry. In response to such trends and the government’s aspiration for the transformation of financial talents, we, based on the document of consent numbered (III)1050037812 issued by Taiwan’s Higher Education Department, established the Graduate School of Financial Management in 2016.



    The curricula of CTBC’s Graduate School of Financial Management are divided into (A) the Group of Financial Administration and (B) the Group of Financial Laws. Our curricula emphasizes the learning of research methods, practical skills and case analysis.  Students in both graduate and undergraduate schools will participate in programs aimed at training manager candidates for enterprises, but also in-field internship training. The Institute will recruit international experts in the field of finance to teach our students through collaboration, prestigious international benchmarking, professional courses, as well as high-quality research resources and revolving courses that begin every year. We welcome students from around the world to become educated in the field of finance.


Curriculum Objectives

    Our graduate school’s curriculum is both practical skill-oriented and emphasizes theoretical training. Based on CTBC’s vision and the long-term development plans, the curricula aim at training students to have independent thinking, judgment and the ability to analyze problems. It combines core expertise in theory and practice. The curriculum is designed to match Taiwan’s developmental policy and CTBC’s mission: to cultivate financial professionals with strong core-competencies, a global outlook, specialized expertise, and practical skills. 

The curriculum objectives are:

  1. To cultivate professional managers capable of independent thinking, analyzing data, and understanding of trends in the world of finance.
  2. To cultivate the professional managers with a solid understanding of financial innovations.
  3. To cultivate the professional managers with a global outlook and the ability to implement financial management strategies.
  4. To cultivate an expertise in handling international and foreign affairs related to Finance.
  5. To cultivate professional managers equipped with distinguished leadership skills and the abilities of fulfilling professional and social responsibilities.