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梅原克彥 教授



Graduated from University of Tokyo (Faculty of Law)


South East Asian Study、International Trade Poliey、Publie Poliey


  • Professor, Akita International University (AIU) (Institute for Asian Studies and Regional Collaboration)Jan. (2012 - Mar.2017)

  • Director and Senior Researcher,IRIS Research Institute of Trade and Industry Co. Ltd . (Sep.2009 - Present)

  • Mayor of Sendai City (Aug.2005 - Aug 2009)

  • Deputy Director-General, International Trade Policy Bureau,Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI),Senior Economic Official (SEOM) of ASEAN-Japan Economic,Ministers Meeting(AEM-METI),Senior Official of APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) (APEC-SOM) (Jul.2004 - May.2005)

  • Minister for Econnomy,Trade and Energy,Embassy of Japan ( Washington D.C. USA),Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Jun.2002 - Jun.2004)

  • Director, Regional Cooperation Division,International Trade Policy Bureau, METI (Jul.1999 - Jun.2002)

  • Co-chairman of the Joint Study Group for Japan-Singapore,Economic Partnership Agreement (JSEPA) (Mar.2000 - Sep.2000)

  • Representative for Asia Pacific Region,Japan Overseas Development Corporation (JODC),(Bangkok, Thailand) (Jun.1996 - Jun.1999)

  • Co-secretariat of “AEM-MITI Economic and Industrial Cooperation Committee (AMEICC)”,(AEM-MITI : ASEAN-Japan Economic Ministers Meeting) (Oct.1998 - Jun.1999)

  • Co-secretariat of “Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar Industrial,Cooperation Working Group (CLM-WG)”, AEM-MITI ( Jun.1996-Oct.1998)


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